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Important Notice!

Due to current events -- Read HERE On Why! -- and lack of time, I have removed all posts from LiveJournal & Blogger. But because I have so many friends on both accounts, I am going to continue to post notices on both sites, but linked to my main website.
Please feel free to visit my website for information on giveaways, new releases and other bits and ends for authors, readers, bloggers and friends. Everyone is welcome! Join the site, add me on Twitter and Facebook. I love hearing from everyone!
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Sept 06, 2011 Fallon and Isaiah walked into my life. Nearly a year later, they are leaving the security of my hard drive to venture into the world. It's a daunting sensation. I still can't believe it when I log into Amazon and see my baby just sitting there for the world to see. (If you're wondering, YES, I am getting all choked up and emotional. lol) but I am so very excited. The support I've been getting has been blinding! It is incredible how many are willing to share the link, tweet about the book and just spread the love. I turn into an emotional wreck when I see that and count my blessings for having so many amazing friends willing to do that for me. There are just not enough thank yous in the world to make up for their constant support.
But after months of shamelessly advertising Touching Smoke, shoving it into the hands of anyone who would look twice at it and going through several changes, editing and lots of tears and blood shed, it is finally here!! It is finally official!
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Isn't it beautiful? I could just sit and stroke it all day. I really could. It's just truly so amazing.
So, thank you EVERYONE who took the time to help share my links, my quotes, my book! Thank you for spreading the word and passing it all along to your friends. Everything you've done has meant the world and a half to me. I am truly blessed to have you in my life. Thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! <3
Cherish you all,